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Do you consider yourself a funny person? When you are out with friends, are you the one sharing all the stories? Would it be safe to say that more often than not, you are the center of attention? If so, then why? Have you taken the time to consider why other people find you fun to be with? There is no doubt that your ability to make others smile has everything to do with your likability. BUT….the way in which you accomplish this might be contrary to popular belief.

Who are the funniest comedians of all time as far as you are concerned? Think back over the last few years and recount the movies that pushed you to tears. For me, it was Eddie Murphy and Adam Sandler. Today, it is Vince Vaughn and Kevin Hart. These guys are paid very well for their ability to illicit smiles and laughter all over the world. Of course these guys are funny, but its not their ability that makes them admirable…

On a recent flight, I happened upon an article in Southwest Magazine. This article served as the inspiration for this post. According to study conducted by the University of Maryland, Baltimore County we are 32 times more likely to laugh when other people are around.

The premise of the article was that people, NOT HUMOR, is the primary reason we laugh. As funny as Eddie Murphy and Vince Vaughn might be, they will never be a consistent part of my community. I cannot depend on Eddie Murphy and Vince Vaughn to be the primary source of my laughter. I need to intentionally seek out relationships that will lead to smiles. I need to legitimately take interest in the interests of those around me. I guess I need to become a student of what I consider to be my best relationships. It is in the moment of fellowship, when we are gathered together that smiling and laughter become effortless. Those are the moments that make life worth living.

Find what it is you are longing for in your relationships and you will find your laughter!