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Lifevesting:  A Memo For Heirs Thumbnail

Lifevesting: A Memo For Heirs

LIFEVESTING® (Empowered by Eudaimonia), is a principled process to bring peace of mind to advisers and clients alike. It is our comprehensive approach incorporating financial planning, taxes and cash flow, insurance and banking needs, retirement and estate planning, and more.  In our "Memo for Heirs" document we provide a way for you to make sure your assets fall into the correct hands once you’ve passed. Each section goes into detail about every asset, where it goes, the passwords to access each account and even what you want to happen at your funeral.

Having important contacts, document locations, and passwords in a central location for your heirs is important in the event of your passing.  Your heirs may find handling your affairs chaotic at your passing and having everything in one document can make things easier on them.  No one knows your life better than you, so why not document that for your heirs so they can know your final wishes and how to locate your assets.  Items such as:  wills, list of heirs, investment accounts, bank accounts, important documents, real estate, business interests, insurance, specific instructions, and more are preserved in this document.  

Year-end and the beginning of the year are great times to reflect and document the important items of your life.  We hope this document will help you navigate the process of documenting your life.  As always, don't hesitate to reach out to your financial advisor for assistance in filling out this memo.  Feel free to utilize us as a resource to help you get organized.

Click below to download the "Memo To Heirs" Checklist.




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