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Every Experience is an Education Thumbnail

Every Experience is an Education

In case you haven’t figured it out yet…LIFE IS HARD! And...that is NOT a bad thing.

Don’t you love how your plans don’t always go “according to plan?” Don’t you love the last-minute surprises that seem to wreak havoc on your current matter of focus? It is in moments like these that character is built. It is in moments like these when the true value of of “life is not about what happens but how you respond” becomes apparent. From my limited perspective I have learned that every experience is an education and it matters most what I chose to do with it. I can learn or I can loathe.

I have become convinced that my life is not about comfort. My plans have gone and will continue to go awry. I will be thrown for unexpected loops that will cause frustration and anxiety. Surprises really can suck if you are not prepared ahead of time. But then again, surprises can also set you up rather than set you back. It is all a matter of your perception. Do you tend to react as a result of your current emotion or have you “learned to learn” from each obstacle that life has thrown your way? There is a huge difference between wisdom and knowledge; theory and practical application.

Life is hard sure, but how can we expect to make it another day if we do not get out there and play. Let me encourage you to live full, live fast and live with fierce abandon. Make mistakes, fail big and often but never lose perspective on what matters most. As humans, we have a way of “figuring life out” according to our design. This can be motivated by 1 of 2 mindsets. You are either open-minded or you are close minded. You operate from a sense of abundance or a sense of scarcity. If you believe that you were born with all the talent you will ever possess than you will most likely be close minded to new experiences and opportunities for character growth. If, on the other hand you live from an abundance mindset then you will see every day as a new opportunity to EXPERIENCE…

I try to make it a point to fail at least once everyday! Sound crazy, sure BUT I have learned to make it work in my favor. I have learned so much from my past failures and firmly believe they have set me up for the current opportunities that life has brought me. You see, I live my life wild, open and free. I take chances some of which do not pay off. I learn by doing and I will continue on this path for as long as I am physically able. I believe that God created me for significance and not just survival…