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Concern and Control

In any given day, how much media do you consume? Media comes in all shapes and sizes you know. Whether its Fox News or CNBC, the Wall Street Journal or USA Today, or even NPR or Bloomberg Radio…there is no shortage of information flooding our minds in any given hour. The question remains, what effect do you allow it to have in your life? 

Are you easily influenced by what you hear and see and read? Do you appreciate the contributions of the “media talking heads” and respect their thoughts and opinions on whatever is new and noteworthy? Or, do you find yourself annoyed with the never-ending barrage of “breaking news” and the need of certain media personalities to convince of you of their superior intelligence and credibility. Whatever camp you find yourself in, it is important to remember that we all have emotions that ebb and flow according to the events of our respective days.

There is a daily battle that exists within our minds, one that has the capacity to project or to paralyze. Do you consider yourself to be a fearful person? Do you find that your concerns occupy a disproportionate piece of your mind on a consistent basis. If so, then allow me to present a suggestion…you are a “reactor.” On the other hand, if you tend to remain more balanced and even-tempered perhaps you are a “proactor?”Here’s the difference: a reactor is controlled by concern and a proactor by control.

Think of a list as you give further consideration to your personality type. Each day this list can be categorized as “controllables” and “uncontrollables.” For example, the time at which you wake up is very much a controllable. The weather on the contrary, is an uncontrollable. Reactors are the ones who allow the mass-media to influence emotion. When watching a news report or reading an article or listening to a radio interview, a reactor thinks “oh no, this is going to throw me for a loop.” And as a result, one of 2 dominant emotions are triggered…fear or greed.

Reactors are ruled by concern and often fall victim to fear. Proactors are the people that realize plans don’t always work out. Proactors anticipate problems and view them as temporary inconveniences that could possibly lead to opportunities. Proactors focus on the things that they can control and take action accordingly. When surprises arise, a proactor adjusts appropriately. Fear is present but not given the emphasis that a reactor would allow it.

So…are you a “reactor” or a “proactor?” Remember, today is the first day of the rest of your life. It is time to start living by throwing fear to the wind!